[Custom Input Masks] Decimal columns and MaskPercentage issue

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Published on 22 Apr by Marcelo Ferreira
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Published on 22 Apr by Marcelo Ferreira

In our current project we are using the CustomMasks component. 

We have a variety of attributes for which we want to and already are using it, and have encountered an issue with MaskPercentage. With MaskCurrency and MaskNumber we have had no problems.

A Decimal database column with otherwise default settings cannot be used with MaskPercentage and a comma DecimalSeparator. A value of 0 gets assigned to the entity-attribute due to the fact that the database only accepts . as decimal-commaseparator. 

We saw that in the CustomMasksSample forge module, you are also using a Text local variable to save this value in.

Our workaround is based on that - below you find the snippet where Form.Percentage is the form-field and PercentageText is a local Text variable. 

Ofcourse this fix is higly suboptimal - would you please look into the possibility of being able to use MaskPercentage with Decimals?

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

Form.Percentage = TextToDecimal(Replace(PercentageText,",","."))

Hi Carina,

Tried that use case and looks like it's working. I attached my test. Check if this work for you. If this is not the correct use case can you attach a simple oml with the issue so I can look into it?