MySQL and Outsystems 11

MySQL and Outsystems 11


Hi everyone!

Reading "OutSystems side effects and breaking changes" at:


Issue: The Configuration Tool shows an error when it detects a previous configuration using MySQL.
Runtime: Mobile, Web
Rationale: MySQL is not supported in OutSystems 11 and Configuration Tool will issue an error when it detects a previous configuration using MySQL.
Workaround: None.


So we have to assume MySQL will no longer be supported?


Until someone says the contrary, yes.



OutSystems 11 does not currently support MySQL as the platform database. 

OutSystems still supports MySQL as an external database, though. 

We haven't decided yet if we will restore support to MySQL in the future or not.  


Hi João,

What about current installations running MySQL as native DBMS? (My case)

I know we can import the tables through external database but...  

For example, all queries that uses systems tables (Users, Roles, etc) would need to be redesigned...

What do you recommend we do?



Hi Francisco,

For the moment, you still have the option to stay on OutSystems 10 a bit longer, since we are still considering the option to restore support to MySQL.

Even if we decide to drop it, that decision will come with appropriate guidance on the migration process.

I'll DM you to discuss further your specific case.



Hi again João,

Thanks, i'll wait for your message.



Hi João.

Is there any update about mysql support ?