Missing dependency- Mobile patterns


All my mobile apps are giving showing that I have broken or missing references for mobile patterns.

How can I resolve that? 

Hi Preeti,

As the error message show "MobilePatterns" is missing in the swdoc-dev.outsystemsenterprise.com environment. 

Are you sure you have SilkUI Mobile installed on your environment?

If not you can install it from the forge.



Note that SilkUI Mobile is now called OutSystems UI Mobile in the Forge

I tried to install but it didn't let me.

My current dev version is:
Development mode
Version 10.0.828.0
Is this causing problem

Did you get an error?  What was it?  Your version should be fine.

Hi Preeti,


1) Check whether Mobile Silk UI Application is properly installed or not!?

Service Center > Factory > Application (Breadcrumb) > Filter Application Mobile Silk UI. If found then it means that the application is already installed in your environment. Publish the Application. Then try to get the Mobile Pattern dependencies from Manage Dependencies Window.

2) If it doesn't resolve your issue. Delete the application module from service center and re-install the Mobile Silk UI application from forge (refer above screen shot, you will get the delete button).

Refer: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/SILK_UI_Framework/01_Installing_Silk_UI

or download the Silk UI Mobile Samples from forge, in that case the Silk UI Mobile Application get automatically installed if it's not available in the environment to get the dependencies from the module.

Hope it helps!

Kind Regards,

Benjith Sam