java.lang.NullPointerException- TextToBinaryData(OutSystems2JSON(ToObject(

hi there, 

i am using this function


and the ResponseData has  values, but it raises java.lang.NullPointerException. If I change to OutSystems2JSON(ToObject(ResponseData),DateFormat:) to be  just 'abc', it works....

What's the cause?

thank you

I found the ResponseData has value and the ToObject is working. But, when i supply the object result to the OutSystems2JSON, it raised that error.

Hi there, 

Just to confirm,

Isn't  this function

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performing the same functionality with Outsystems widget Serialize?

For my big json data, the first one returns java null exception, but the second one success gracefully. 


Hi Box,

I don't know the OutSystems2JSON function, in what Module does it reside?

hi Hack, here u are...


Ok, then you should indeed use the Serialize Statement. ArdoJSON was needed before Platform 10, but since P10 serialization is built in. If I have to guess, ArdoJSON can only work with Record Lists, not with simple Lists, which causes the error.


In my case - i use the same json with different data received from a web service, it only works for some json data, but not the json data that causes the exception.


Ok, in that case it's probably just a bug in the Java implementation of ArdoJSON. But like I said, no need to use that if you're on P10 or higher.

I find the error can be caused by there is an arrays with mixed data type that has null json values, like: [0,null,..]


Thanks for the feedback.