Scrolling problems in Service Studio

When I scroll down in service studio, this weird thing happens

The menu and image are not scrolling with the rest. They stay in place while the rest scrolls underneath them. I have added the image with a web block. But when i insert it as an image, the same happens. I am not using a SilkUI theme, just the standard top menu theme.

How can i fix this?
thanks for the help in advance.


Hi Cees, 

Its the default behavior of Top Menu.
Whatever you will add in your Top-Menu header, it will not scroll with rest of your page. 

If you want to make your image to be scroll able with other list items, please remove that image from Top Menu Header and add it inside your page(In Screen Body).
This way your screen will be scroll able with Image.

If you still want to change it with ease and should also scroll your header with image both, then place following style in your website.

.layout .header {

    top:auto !important;

Explanation of this behavior :
Top Menu template uses style for its header which is top:0
This makes entire header stick to top:0 position either you scroll or not. So by overriding that style you will get your desired output.

Let me know if you have any more doubts in this.

Palak Patel