[NFC Plugin] toJSON function not recognized in Outsystems 11

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Published on 21 Apr by Experts
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Published on 21 Apr by Experts


Currently I am building a mobile app for reading NFC UID with mobile phone, but there's error every time the NFC tag / card is tapped on the device as below :

Any ideas to fix this?

And also, is there any plans to update the app to current OS version?


Hi Billy,

I came across this problem myself and was able to resolve it. 

You have to modify some code in the plugin module in the DecodeToTextRecord action.
This picture should help you what to change in the javascript code blocks and the adding of a JSON Serializer and using those as an input. 

The NFC plugin should now be compatible with Outsystems 11 again. 

If this fix is too late for you, this might help other people who have trouble getting this plugin to work in OS11

- Chloë

Thank you, Chloë, for the recommended fix.

I've added the fix to the component, and published a new version for OutSystems 11. Users should no longer need to manually implement the fix.