checkbox in TableRecord List

Hi All,

I've used TableRecords and assigned source record to it,on submit i am using this tablerecord.list in the foreach loop.

I am not able to pick data from the list. please refer below screenshot.

Could you help let know of what's going wrong here. ? is there something i am missing out.?

Hello Gurpreet,

I have came across that situation too. That has to do with a platform optimization, probably because you are not using any elsewhere elements from the List, therefore the platform remove does items from the viewstate.

Can you please check what parameters are you using inside the action?

Nevertheless, we solved the issue by creating local list variables.

Hi Gurpreet,
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First check whether you are getting the same empty string results in your GetPcps.List or not.
If not, then in second place, please check whether in foreach loop, you are assigning correct values or not.

Still if you are not able to identify your issues, Please share with your oml file or more screenshots with assign parameters so we can understand your issue and help you better.

Palak Patel

Hi Gurpreet,

Can u plz share oml file.


Just uploaded file plz check.

Hi Gurpreet,

I also had the same observation. 

Observation in Debug mode: 

The Aggregate used in preparation and the Table Records Widgets - List gets empty at server side.

I agree with Davide's comment on this - "That has to do with a platform optimization, the platform remove those items from the viewstate."

Still If you want to have the records (data) from the Table Records widget or Aggregate (used in preparation). Just add Ajax Refresh on the Table Records/Aggregate before the loop in the Logic flow (set the submit button Method to Ajax Submit). In this case you will get all the records/value of the List (Table Record List) in the server side.


Note: In your case if you introduce the Ajax Refresh on Table Records before the loop in the Logic flow the the user checked checkbox will gets unchecked (i.e. the variable bind with the checkbox widget will get refreshed to its default value).

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Benjith Sam