Hey guys, I have successfully integrated salesforce using the "SalesForce_Connector" from the forge store.  When retrieving accounts and customers using AccountsFind and CustomersFind my application is very slow even with maxResults(20)

I saw the suggestion to combine the actions in server action, and I did it, but again the result is the same.I am seeing that in order to make salesforce request I need to login every time which I suppose is time consuming. I see that the Login response contains ServerURL as well as SessionId. Further I am not able to pass them to the methods like AccountsFind and CustomersFind and everything is happening behind the scenes without my control. 

Can I somehow login only once and cache these serverURL and session, maintaining them separately and just call the actual methods in my "Fetch data from other sources"? As well can I somehow cache the results as well and pull them only on demand. The first part with the login is more important for me, because I don't want to login every time.