Error: The underlying connection was closed

Hi there,

Well, i'm trying to consume a rest api but it returns the error :

The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

So, looking here at forum, i found some information about the causes and solutions about this error. And I realized the problem is the certificate. So i installed it in my server, and I set it up the Service Center with the certificate, following the tutorial :

But in the end, the rest api dont have the option to set it up the certificate:

How can i resolve this problem? 

Ps.: In SOAPUI the api works, in the browser it returns that the connection is not secure.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Henrique,

You have mentioned that in browser its showing connection is not secured. 

So i think the end points which you are trying to connect with the API might have some issues with the certificates and connections. 


Palak Patel


Hi Henrique,

Is that Rest API exposed by you using the OutSystems platform? And is the HTTP Security setting set to SSL/TLS?

Or are you trying to consume an external API that is requiring one client side certificate to be invoked?

Best regards,

Daniel Martins