I am trying to work through a difficulty with hosting many different applications and business units within OutSystems. In our lower order environments, we have the Email Redirect option turned on to (1) make sure test emails do not erroneously make their way into the inboxes of unwitting civilians and (2) to allow our dev team to test out systems in which emails must be unique (therefore made up). However, we are now experiencing an issue where want to open up an app in one of those environments for testing by an internal group of beta users. However, we cannot just turn off the email redirect option because other business units still need it to be turned on for testing purposes. With it on, our test group cannot receive system emails which are vital to the user experience of the application. 

I guess the short version of my question is, can we selectively turn the email redirect option on/off based on espace? 

Hi Grayson,

You can't. But that is a great ideia and I think you should post it on the ideias page.



Alright, I have created an idea and posted it here:


Hopefully this is an easy one that OutSystems can package up before the next release :D 



Merged your idea with another one, because, well, it's a long standing idea.

In the meanwhile, I think you should think about a central email-component 

where you actually send the emails and where you can (re)direct them to testing or not if needed.

This way you can tune it yourself with some site-properties or otherwise settings.