Hi, I'm developing a solution for digital signature purpose, which includes a certificate to be read from a cryptographic media and make the signature on a given file. I have the backend solution for the signature almost done, just need the frontend part now.

Is there any component that could help on this part?

Already done same thing on PHP + Javascript but don't know how on OutSystems.

My cryptographic media is a e-CPF in a A3 Token.


Hello Rodrigo,

I'm not familiar with this domain, what does the frontend need to be able to do?  Are you able to show some samples (screenshots maybe) of your PHP+JS solution?

Hi Rodrigo,

That e-CPF A3 Token is something so specific that I doubt anyone will have already walked the path and have a ready-made solution for you.

My quick search did not reveal the API you might be using, but from what you say you already have a JS + PHP solution. Since you're talking about having difficulties with the front-end, you are probably talking about the JS bit.

Incorporating Javascript with OutSystems applications is quite easy. You usually just need to include the javascript library and you can then use RichWidget's RunJavascript action to run some javascript. Or you can go a bit deeper and make buttons and stuff like that work directly.

Can you be more explicit and let us know what exactly are you having difficulty achieving and what you've already done?

Hi and thanks for the replies.

I was just hoping if anyone would have any easy-to-use solution for my project. But as Ricardo pointed out, it's a specific case (Which is not specific for my project only. The e-CPF A3 PDF signing is very usual the country I live (Brazil)).

Anyway.. I'm working on a solution for this case.

Again, thanks for the replies.