Explain the Fileds , is_User_Provider , User_Provider_Key , User_Provider_Name in

i want to know the exact meaning of above fields in Espace enity for Multitenancy

Hello Lovish,

Is_User_Provider indicates if the sSpace in question is a User provider.
The User_Provider_Key and USer_Provider_Name stores the key and name of the user provider for an espace, as you can see in the image above.

And you will notice that this is not related to multi-tenancy directly, as you can have user providers that are multi-tenant (like Users) and that are not multi-tenant (like LTUserManagement).



Above comment answers the question. In layman terms those are the module/eSpace through which end user account are created for application.

From the comment above you can create end users account using /Users or /MyUsers, since those are the one which has Is_User_Provider as true.