[Drag And Drop Mobile] Drag and Drop and sort in the same list.

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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs
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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs

I’ve been trying to use this component to reorder a list using drag and drop, however I’m not having success in doing so…

All the examples show drag and drop from one list to another, when I try to implement the behavior in the same list, if I use the clone option it simply does not work, and when I do not use it, after I drop the element it’s destroyed.  

Is possible to achieve what I want, using this component?


Did you look at screen "SortVerticalLists" in the DragAndDropMobileSample eSpace? In there "First week" actually have the sort feature.

Sorting is configured as below in the screen.


Yes please have look into "SortVerticalLists".



Thank you all for you responses.

Yes, I have analysed all the examples, and to my knowledge none of the allows me to do  drag, drop and sort in the same list as I mentioned.

Hello Ruben, 

The component has a sample with sort in the same list. In the "SortVerticalLists" screen you can see it working. If you change a task(draggable item) from the Task column to the Firs Week column, you can then sort tasks inside this column. 

However, you mentioned that you are also trying to use the CloneOnDrag option. Both options doesn't work together. If you activate the CloneOnDrag option, the sort in the same list will not be possible. 

Since it is not a common use case, I'd like to understand what you are trying to achieve with those options so maybe I can think in a workaround or something.


Hi Glauber,

I do not want to drag from one list to another list. I want to drag and drop and sort in the same list. If you try to do that using this component according to my tests the element once drooped is hidden using CSS and stays in the same position.

Thank You!