Need to setup cloud Environment for Out System 10 from Latest version

I had found compatibility issue when try to set up environment in outsystem version 10 because of  my profile path automatically taken latest version 11. Most  of my clients are using version 10 So need to set all credentials in previous version so please help me out resolve this issue at your earliest.

I hereby attached the screenshot of error message.


Hinduswari M

Hi Hinduswari,

Looks like you created a new profile and your personal is already is on version 11. I don't even know if is possible to revert it to version 10. But if anyone can help you is Outsystems support. Open a support case with them.



Hi Marcelo,

Many Thanks for your response. 

Yes, Recently created a new profile to develop my first web application in Outsystems. 

Will open the support case with Outsystems Support. 


Hinduswari M

Hi Hinduswari,

I think, Yes you can download the older version from Outsystems and you can use the plateform.

Please  follow the link to download older version