Multiple teams access to same application

Hello Team, 

I am looking for your recommendation on managing teams/applications.

My Organization uses multiple partners/suppliers to develop outsystems applications. In order to accommodate different partners and provide them with restricted access - I have made a team on lifeTime for each partner, added users to that team, and applications that are developed by the user working for that partner/suppliers. 

I have also made a common group to give all the partners/suppliers access to the common modules/applications.

The challenge I am now faced with is - How do I provide 2 partners with access to an application and restrict access to the other 2? Outsystems doesn't allow to add an application to a 2nd group if the application is already added to a group. I cannot as well keep creating teams if partners/suppliers need access to shared applications. 

I am guessing others on the group might have had similar challenges and I would really appreciate - if you can share your experience on this topic.

Hi Raghavendra,

Applications can only be part of a single team.

For each client you should have an espace , even if it means having a cloned espace.

How can 2 teams work on the same app if it is restricted to only one team?

Hope this helps,


Hello Raghavendra,

The idea of a "team" in LifeTime is to group a certain number of persons that will work in one or more application.
So, create a team to the application and add users to this team as required.
A user can be part of different teams.

When the user does not need to deal with the application anymore, remove him from the team.

I don't think there is any other way of accomplish this.



If I understand this correctly below thing should probably work for you unless you have lot of partner and more complex rules for access

1. by default create user with role no access

2. define team for application set (for example common, Apps for partner1, Apps for partner2)

3. Add the desired application to each team

4. Add user to the team with role having higher privilege so that they can develop.