Get id from a Widget/WebBlock inside a List Records in runtime

Hi i am having a problem and i don't find a solution to it, if somone can help me

The problem is the next:

if i try get a WebBlock Id inside a List Records the id come at null in outsystems, and in my flow for each webblock i need to invoke a trigger to get the list data inside, i already try set the id in a not visible input with JS to get it in runtime but the id is only saved in outsystems side after the end action

Someone have a ideia how can i accomplishment that?

Hi Pedro,

Didn't understood very well what you are trying to accomplish but lets give it a shot.

Webblocks are a way of organizing the code they only exist on server. On the browser you don't see any difference if a page is done with webblocks or not. What you can do is on that webblock have a div with a class that contains all that is inside the webblock. This way you can look for all div's with that class. You can also create button with a class and click on all buttons with that class.




Hi Marcelo
Thanks for try to help but after more 15 hours i resolve the problem (Many Problems)

To return the data to previous WebBlock i use Notify and NotifyGetMesssage, every time have a change anything i return the data and save it.

Orther problem with Editable Table in the Action "OnDelete" if i try return data in that action the data come very messy i try delete one row of 2 records on the list and the data thar appear at Debuger is length 2 and 3 records in the list and give me errors in runtime, to resolve that i create a button and use Widget_Click on him to make the Notify Action and the Data return correctly (Because the action of Widget_Click is only execute after the END Statement of "OnDelete Action", i think in that action outsystems is runnning processes behind and only after that actions finish, the data go to correct).

And i have several problems with data disappears from one action to another.

Sorry for my English and doesn't explain my problem correcly.

Greetings Pedro Vieira, pmmv999