[OutSystems UI Web] DatePicker is not updating after mannual change

Forge Component
Published on 25 Nov (13 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Nov (13 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

If I click the field just after I change its value  mannually, the calender will point to the Initial value date, not the current input value.

Hey João!

Can you please send me a gif of what you're doing when changing the value manually? So I can see please :)

Hi Rita, 

I can't reproduce it anymore. Just after I found the issue I've replaced the component with the OOO one, and forgot to record some evidences. I'm so sorry.

BTW, one thing I did see when I was digging into component's source code (cloned), is that it triggers an ajax request everytime I click on the input field and everytime a date is selected in the calendar box. I'd recommend avoiding it, because it is not expected from a javascript calendar component to make server requests on simple operations like selecting a date in a calendar.

Hey João!

What do you mean by OOO? 

So it does an ajax request but it's only related to the pick event and it's only meant to trigger when you're done picking one. You don't need to pick that event, if you want you can use the onclose which also returns a date but only after you're done closing it. Or is that happening even if you have no event on the datepicker?

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry, I meant Out-of-the-Box, OOB, not OOO.

It's happening even when I don't have an event bound to the OnClose.