Until what previous chrome version is an OS application supported?

We advise our customers to work in the latest version of chrome,
but our customers can't guarantee to always have an updated chrome version and their question is until what previous version it is guaranteed that the application will function as it should.

Does anyone else have this question or a sufficiënt answer to this subject?

Hi Jolinda,

I’ve looked it up and the system requirments state the last stable version as a requirement: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Installation/OutSystems_Platform_system_requirements#End-user_requirements

I’m unsure if that means older versions are not supported and I recommend you to contact OutSystems support for a clearer and more objective answer.



It's a tricky question and hard to answer.

1. the jquery used in Outsystems for P11 is 1.83, so that goes a long way back.

2. css should be ok, but depending if you are using certain css3 stuff that is not supported it can "break" the style.

3. usage of own components can break stuff as well on older browsers.

On the other hand, what do you mean by not the latest version of chrome?

As you see in the end-user requirements, IE11 is supported and that one is pretty ancient also.