Table Record List not show all records in runtime


I am using table records widget, this have one boolean column, so user can able to select like active/inactive (i use checkbox for that).

And source is from Webservice, and i am assign source to Table Records with local variable which is from webservice data.

Here Table Records have Line Count to 10, and user selects in runtime active/inactive, and i have one checkbox in header, use is select all to active/inactive.

Now what i need / looking to is,

1) header checkbox will automatically checked, if all records is checks, if user uncheck any record, the header uncheck automatically, i can able to do for first page, since Table Records have line count to 10, i cannot able to check for next page.

2) my question is how to get full Table records list in each onchange checkbox, i only get list it shows in Table Records.

Is any other way i can get all the records?



Hello Balu,

Sorry, but your question seems a bit confusing.

If you are using TableRecords.List in your ScreenActions, you will see only the 10 records you defined as LineCount. When being built, the TableRecords copy from its source only the number of records it will show.

If you set to 0 (If I am not wrong) it will fetch everything. (usually this is bad pratice with negative impact in performance).

Regarding the BulkSelect (or your checkbox), the problem is that every time you change page, the previous items will be "forget" and you will lost if they are selected or not.

In order to be able to keep the selection when changing page, you need to store locally, in a list, the IDs of the items being selected, and mark them when coming back to the previous page.