[Firebase Cloud Message Plugin] Firebase Oreo Plugin Unofficial Update and other bug fixes

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Published on 18 Jul by Experts
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Published on 18 Jul by Experts

As posted as reply previously for post that FCM notification Oreo is not working ,I had release an unofficial update via the OAP I had post previously.

Plugin is based on v 1.0.4 with referencing plugin resource file

This is the Latest version v1.1 of the update,the previous version posted via reply is v1.0

v1.1 Fix for RegisterUser and UnregisterUser which will check the plugin before executing it when those Action was run by itself to prevent "device is not defined" when running on simulator

v1.0 Applied the Oreo Notification Fix via Adding channel related functions from the latest phonegap-plugin-push,necessary imports,updating firebase core to 16.0.4 and firebase cloud messaging plugin to version 17.3.3 and edited push.gradle. No Channel Related Action is added, only the default channel is loaded in the android code

v1.1 is attached this post

EDIT:Add more info on the Channel Related stuff

New updates v1.3 by me
Now you can take advantage of Channels for android 8.0
There is CreateChannel,ListChannel and DeleteChannel actions

I still maintain and backport for OS10,worked on it for OS11

EDIT:No check for android 8.0 and showing channel description is not working yet and sorry if any bugs you may find
This is still a test in progress

EDIT:Mistakes were discovered by me when backporting,file removed sorry :(

Here the latest OAP 

Mistakes fixed and tested by me 

Now another update by me v1.4

Now No need to create channelinfo structure parameter to add channel ,simply key in into the CreateChannel input parameter for ChannelID,Description,Vibration and Importance Level

Internal validation for android 8.0 and above and importance level for channel related actions

Bug unfixed

No channel description listed using ListChannel Function,only channelId

v1.5 Of the cloud messaging plugin unofficial has an interim fix for channel Description.
Root cause is the code in PhoneGap Push notification plugin as a bug which set the channel description as name,hence I had edited the code to return the channel Name as the channel Description in this version of the Plugin

Upcoming fix and features
Can have a channel name and description both create and listing

found out this fix had been proposed on git hub

This is v1.6 of the Plugin 

Now with channel name and description for list and create action

Sorry if I am spamming the forum with my update as I updated the plugins 

EDIT Sorry is list not delete

Now extra addition with create,list and delete channels.
createChannel function now have assign a groupId

edit deleted file as I found error when I reupload to my environment

Corrected file

After Kennedy Lie asked about inline reply,I had come out with a new unofficial fix among with the Oreo fix which will grab inline reply and action callback 

The actionCallback signify the notification button callback name

This is v1.8 of the fixes

Upload again as I download again

Now v1.9 of this update with inline reply label customization.Found out the reply label cannot be customized and I managed to fix it based on the latest version of phonegap-push-plugin