Launching an App using AppLaunch plugin

Hi All,

Here is the context, Launching another app within Outsystems. I tried with simple implementation provided by Eduardo Jauch but could not get success. Also go through the below discussion.

Below are my app screenshot where i want to Launch some sample Android app inside my Outsystems App.

Sample Json.

For FB:- 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet


For WhatsApp:- 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

"{""packageName"":""com.whatsapp/android.intent.action.SEND"", ""dataType"":""text/plain"", ""extras"":[{""name"":""android.intent.extra.TEXT"",""value"":""this is a test"", ""dataType"":""String""}]}"

Please provide your valuable input on this. 



Hello Hitesh,

I'm assuming you're using an Android device, right?

Could you tell what error message you get?

As soon as I have time, I'll look to see this problem (and maybe launch a new version of this plugin I'm working on).