Change date format in whole application

Hi everyone!

I want to change the date format in the whole project. By default format is "YYYY-MM-DD". I want to change it to "DD-MM-YYYY".

How to change time zones. I'm in Armenia(UTC+4), but applications time zone is UTC. Is there a way to change?

This is the component I use mostly to handle timezones. Yes by default everything is in UAT. That's a pain.

And regarding the date format you have an option in the Environment configuration. 

Hi Stepan,

You can use this forge component, and then place in your date time expressions the correspondent timezone.


Thank you so. it helps.

And also may I config email configurations, if I don't have SMTP server yet? I need it just in development time.

Hi Stepan,

In Service Center, go to "Administration", then "Environment Configuration". There's an option "Date Format". Note that even after changing it, afaik the internal Functions that deal with converting date strings to dates etc. still need the "yyyy-MM-dd" format, so check your apps if they rely on that.