Hi all,

     I have a few questions related to my personal environment.

     1. What is the maximum number of records a single table(Entity) can hold in the personal environment?

     2. How much amount of personal database size will be occupied if an entity holds 10 million records?

     3.  Will the database size varies if the entity holding 10 million records varies in the number of attributes?

     Waiting for the response...




Hi Gowtam,

The number of records is not the metric: it's the total database size that counts. Iirc, a PE is limited to 1GB of storage. Of course, 10 million records of a single Attribute will occupy less space than 10 million records with 100 Attributes. Also, large Text Attributes will occupy more space than small Text Attributes, and large Binaries will quickly fill up everything.



I'm not 100% sure but I think the limit  is 2GB

Hi Alberto,

Given this article, you may very well be right, thanks for the update. (It's a bit weird that e.g. this article doesn't mention disk size at all.)