My name is Jamie, Im 19 and from the UK. 

I'm trying to create an app which will streamline the work more for me however, i have spent nearly 2 weeks trying to understand out systems now and i have had 0 luck. If you would like to communicate more efficiently than over the forums after reading through what i have to say just let me know. 

Details about my App. 

First of all it must be a mobile app. That is very important. 

The app must have a login feature to have only authorised users having access to it although i do not want my users to have to login every time they go onto the app. 

The pages I want on the app are (More detail on what i want each page to do will follow):

  • Dashboard / Home Screen 
  • Job Recorder - CRUCIAL
  • Report Builder - CRUCIAL
  • Contacts / Directory - WANTED
  • Copy of various documents in a presentable format - CRUCIAL
  • Calendar with Jobs as Events - WANTED
  • Quote Drafts - WANTED
  • Vehicle Check Sheet - WANTED
  • Messaging - WANTED

(Crucial meaning the app has to have that page and Wanted meaning it would be nice to have but its not a deal breaker if its not possible.) 

Dashboard / Home Screen

On the Home Screen i would like the Header to simply say HomeScreen, then i would like A button correlating to each of the above pages. I want this button to display an image relating to the name of the page and also text of what the page is. The home screen is essentially just a navigation page to get around the app easily. 

Job Recorder

I work in the Services industry doing drainage and building maintenance. The Job recorder is essentially when a job is done you input all the details into a form thats laid out in front of you and click send at the bottom and its automatically emailed to me so I can then invoice that job if its complete. More information on what is including on the form can be presented if required. I was able to create a form but could not make it so an email is sent from the mobile app. 

Report Builder

The report builder is going to be an App like site audit pro available in the app store but much more adapted to my business. Essentially i want to be able to have a template where all you have to do is fill in the blanks. A cover page that displays my business' logo, Title, and Director Name as well as the Companies logo, Title and who the report is for. The cover page should also include the project title and how many pages long it is if possible. Then following the cover page will be the report which consists of an photograph you can either take from your phones library or from the camera itself without leaving the app then a text box to the right hand side of the image where there is a title in bold and you can then write in all the information needed about the image underneath the title. I would also like the ability to email directly from the report app. I would like to be able to create multiple templates for multiple companies and save them so its quick and easy when making a report. 

Contacts / Directory

This ones more simple. I want a directory with two tabs in it. Tab 1 = All contacts with a search function and sort by function. Tab 2 = Company, essentially each company listed where you can click on say McDonalds and then it gives you a list of all contacts you have for McDonalds. (Upon reading back through this i realised you can probably just add a sort by function to Tab 1 for Company in order to do this.) I want the contact card to display Full Name the underneath the company they work for and underneath that their Contact Number. To the right of all that information i want a phone icon which you can click and it will call the number of that person. 

Copy of Various Documents in a Presentable Format

I want a page dedicated to several documents that are requested by companies upon arriving on site. These documents include: Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Public and Employers Liability. I want to be able to click on whichever document you want and then view it in full screen with the ability to zoom in on it by pinching like a normal image on an iPhone as well as a print function/ email function for any of the documents. 

Calendar with Jobs as Events

A calendar which allows the admin to input Events that everyone can see and interact with to say attending or not. These events will simply be Jobs that engineers need to attend to. When an event is available on the calendar i want engineers to be able to click on the event and view information about that event such as Date, Time, Location and Description of Job. 

Quote Drafts

This one is just an idea which can be done by the report however, i want it to have its own page but its not an essential page. The quotes draft page will be the ability to Jot Notes down about a specific job engineers are pricing up. These can then be viewed by the Admin only. 

Vehicle Check Sheet

Similar to the Copy of Various Documents however this is more of a checklist to make sure each van is fully equipped with correct tools and that standard procedures of checking tyres oil pressure etc has been carried out. This checklist will then be emailed to my email where i can review it and make sure things are good. More info can be provided when necessary. 


Lastly, i want an in app messaging function for each engineer to be able to send images and attachments along with any chat they need to send. 

I know it was a long read but any help on any of the pages is massively appreciated. If there is anything thats not possible please let me know and i will try come up with a way around it. Unfortunately i just don't understand how to use out systems mobile app builder. 

Many Thanks,


Hi Jamie,

Did you went through this course https://www.outsystems.com/learn/paths/1/becoming-a-mobile-developer/?