[CKEditor] Autocomplete plugin
Forge component by Matthias Preuter

Hi everyone,

I am looking to add this plugin to CKEditor.


I have a very basic understanding of JS and JQ and how use them in OS.

I was wondering if someone could walk me through how to implement this code in this competent.

I have picked up already that I have to add the JS files to the rescource directory.

After that step I need some help.

Do I add the code as a WB? If so, how and when do I fire it? (im assuming onkeyup)

I know its a lot to ask.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a Million!


I have the same question!

@mordi, have you managed to solve?


Edson Marques


This is a very old thread, anyway, in order to customize ckeditor with new plugin follow below steps

  1. Clone the espace
  2. Add the required JS file in resource and update the destination folder, you can compare some existing plugin and use similar directory structure
  3. Add the extraPlugins in config json, if it needs button then add them to toolbar as well in config json.


Hi Prasad,

I am trying to add Mention with the existing CK editor and I tried to follow the steps you explained but still not working.

Please check the below screenshots.

Please let me know how to achieve this?


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