send mail through mobile app

hii ,
I'm trying to add send mail functionality in my mobile app, but couldn't find the built in feature like in web app. After some research i found that its possible by  making a web app module with send mail method and then making it public module and later adding it as dependency in mobile app.

But  how to make the web app module public ?
only the screens have "public"  property and tried to make it public using it. But its not working.



Hello Anand,

You need to create a server action in the web module, that will send the mail.

Make it public (the server action).

Now go to your mobile module, and reference the server action (the module will appear in the list).

You will have to create a Server Action in your mobile module to call the Server Action in the Web Module.

Modules are not public by itself. They appear in the references if they have something public inside them. But as you can't use visual elements from web in mobile, making a web screen public in web will. not make it available in the list in mobile.



Thanks Eduardo ,
I found the public property of server action and email send was successful.

But i have a  doubt , since my server action is public can anyone ( even outside my domain environment)  access it and use it to send emails.
Can you please explain who else can access this public server action ?

Hello Anand,

Only web pages and web services can be accessed through browser.

Not server actions, nor web blocks, etc. The public property is only to enable the elements to be used, by other modules, inside the same server.


Thanks lots for the info