java with integration tool 11

I am unable to integrate with java. I dont know what wrong i am doing.

Hello Virat,

Can you adjust your Java Home to not have the \bin at the end?  e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144

Also, what version of OutSystems are you on?  I've never used the Java version of the platform, but as I understand it, it has not been a working option since OutSystems 10.

EDIT: To clarify, you can certainly integrate with Java via web services if you want.  But Integration Studio is meant to create extensions that run on the platform, so if you are running the .NET platform then you can only create .NET extensions.  OutSystems 10 and 11 are only available on .NET.


Hi guys, actually version 10 is still compatible with Java. Version 11 is not anymore.

The only way you can integrate with Java on version 11 is through webservice calls, either Soap or Rest.


Thanks for the correction, João!

João Santos wrote:

Hello Virat,

I believe you are actually showing a screenshot of Integration Studio 10. 

You would need Integration Studio 11 to connect to an OutSystems 11 platform. With Integration Studio 11, you don't get the Java configuration options anymore.



Is this fact still the case or something has changed since then? Are Java configuration options available yet?

OutSystems 11 does not support Java.  OutSystems 10 does support Java, but only if you are running it on the Java stack.

Hi virat kohli

OutSystems 11 does not support the Java -stack, You can see this blog to migrate from Java-Stack to .Net-Stack

Hope it helps you.