An y idea how frequently the community ranks are updated? Just curious! 

There has been considerable amount of activities in terms of posts/ideas etc. by me recently but the community rank has remained unchanged. Also have seen other profiles with NO activity at-all at a way higher community rank. So thought of checking here!

normally once a week on Sunday, but not this weekend, not sure why. Last week it happened 3 times as they changed the ranking rules to be more accurate.

Hi Daniël Kuhlmann,

I have faced the same issue last week my rank changed dramatically from 180 to 298, when i raised the ticked to outsystem support team i got the below reply.

But i am not convinced with the reply that its because i have imported the linkedin profile. from my point of view if i am importing the linkedin profile, rank should decrease not increase.


Rajendra Singh

Raoul Nystedt (OutSystems)
Oct 25, 08:22 WEST
Hello Rajendra,

Thank you for reaching out to OutSystems regarding rankings in our community.

Ranks are based on scores from courses completed in our Training and activity in our Forums. We also have a great many people active in, and joining our community, affecting the ranks. It would be pure coincidence that this happened at the time you imported your LinkedIn Profile.

We would like to suggest to find and pass more courses or even guided paths that you may be interested in on our training page that could guarantee you more points and a higher rank.

We hope this clarifies your question. Should you have further questions, please contact us anytime.

With best regards

Raoul Nystedt | Global Support

We are here to help you, so let us know if you need us to clarify our comment.

Raj wrote:

Hi Raj,

I read somewhere in the forum post, people who are releasing forge component are getting more point.


Pankaj Pant


I went from rank #470 somewhat to rank #847, so pretty dramatically. I really don't know what kind of changes they implemented, so I really have a doubt if this is ok? 

Hi everyone,

There was an overhaul in the ranking system recently, fixing some bugs that caused wrong scores. Some got up, some got down. I'll ask OutSystems to comment on this here.


What I have been told was that Outsystems will try to explain everything when they can