Page loading time


I'm building a web application in OutSystems. I would like to calculate the page loading time when navigating to a specific page. Can anyone please help me how I can get the page loading time?


Ctrl + Shift + I -> "Network" tab -> "Time" column. There you have the time a page takes to open

Marcelo Ferreira wrote:

Hi Rohit,

You can use Lifetime Analytics


use chrome dev tools



Hi Marcelo,

I was checking LifeTimeAnalytics in OutSystems and clicked on the my application. It shows list of screen name. For a specific screen, is it possible to check loading time for a particular time? For example I navigated to that specific screen and want to note the loading time. Now, I made some changes in the page so again want to check the loading time. Is it possible to find the loading time each time? Please share the steps how to get this info.

I'm bit new to OutSystems, so asking this question.


Hi Rohit,

After you choose the screen you should have a list of actions. One of those should be preparation. That is the time the screen takes to load the first time.