Developing against Lifetime services API NOT included in SDK

I'm working on some automation for some of the Lifetime functions. I think i have a pretty good handle on the Lifetime SDK, but that seems fairly restrictive and geared towards writing plugins.  How do I develop against the Lifetime API calls, like LifeTimeServices/TeamManagementService.asmx?

Hi Kevin,

Those APIs are available as SOAP Web Services, can't you just consume them?

Absolutely.  That's easy.  But when I'm developing and testing, I don't want to have the changes made to Lifetime.  For example, I'm writing automation that involves creating a team and adding a developer to that team. It will rely on the TeamManagementServices API.  I don't have a dev lifetime environment to point my integration URLS to in dev.

Let me clarify my earlier statement because I think it was still confusing.

I'm developing code to do some automation.  In this case it involves a process that calls the LifeTime APIs (not the SDK) to create a new team and then add a user to that team.  Developing the code is fine - I can consume the WSDLs from my [production lifetime]/LifeTimeServices/.  In ServiceCenter, the Integration tab of my new module is going to have those same URLs by default:  [production lifetime]/LifeTimeServices/...  So when I test my process, it's going to actually create the team in production, which is not what I want. I was hoping when I created the LifeTimeSDK in dev that it would also create those SOAP and REST services so i had somewhere non-prod to point my integration URLs.

Gotcha, makes perfect sense!... I don't think that is currently possible, would be great if you could create that as an Idea!