Hi, im new in the web side of OutSystems and i have a question.

I want to keep the filters on even when i change the page.

for example: i have a list of people, and put the filters to get the new list. When i click in one , i get redirected to that person details, then i press a back button to get back again to the list page (and here the filters are gone). i want to keep the same filters i have before i click on the detail. 

sorry if my explanation was bad. Thanks in advance. 



Hi Nicolás,

That is normally achieved by using session variables to store the variable value.

Hope it helps you!

Best regards,

Daniel Martins


Hi Nicolas,

You need to follow steps to achieve it:

1. When you redirecting the detail page you need to put an input parameter in that detail page so that you can pass the filter values in that page.

2. When click on Back button again pass filter value to list page in this way you can keep the same filters without using session variables.