insert all the entity data values to another entities

Hi, i want to ask

this is the page, first insert data in the left side form. after that the data will be saved to the right side table(which is it's a temporary table).

i want that all the values in table temporary after i clicked on the save button(in the right side) will be truncated and move to the real table.

please answer my question, thanks in advance :)

Hello Ami,

You can have a local variable on the screen that is a list of objects, for example a Deliveries List.  If your Save button on the left is an Ajax Submit, you can use ListAppend to add to the local variable, and then use an Ajax Refresh on the right table.  As long as the right table is bound to the local variable, you should get what you want.  Lastly, your Save button on the right can actually perform the save by iterating through the objects in the local variable and saving them.

Does that make sense?