Does anyone know if there is a plugin, a service or any other way to obtain a list with the names of the streets of a given country (countries of Latin America specifically)?

It would be very helpful to me for autocomplete delivery address forms for product shipments.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards.

Hi Manuel,

I know that google maps api has a type that you can specify as parameter, when executing the autocomplete action, it supports a list of type collections.

Maybe you need to extend the map component, I'm not aware of any made in OutSystems.


Hi Marco,

Thanks for your answer.

I'm going to investigate your option to see if it can work for me while I remain open to other alternatives.


Hi Manuel,

You can use Google Places component in Forge, it allows you to search locations using Google API and you can search by street, place, city, zip code, etc.

Hope it helps.

Hi João,

I'm right now exploring that alternative.

Thanks for your answer.