How to call Google API for mobile?

Hey Outsystem-ers,

My schedule app needs to pull calendar data from Google Calendar, hence the calendar cordova plugin won't do.

I've used the to successfully log the user into Google API. I receive back a IDtoken which i think i need to change for an access token using GetAccessToken() from

My plan is to use the Consume Rest API integration in outsystems which i'm not sure is server side? Alternatively i will use the Google Calendar Javascript API.

If anyone has had experience working with a Google API for Google Fit or Drive on a mobile device, please share with me your advice!




Hi Barnett,

I haven't used those APIs, but can confirm that consuming REST APIs will be always server-side, if you want your application to access directly to Google instead of going through your OutSystems server you are probably better off using the Google Calendar JavaScript API (if you can create a component and publish it to the Forge, that would definitely help others)

For your Google Fit needs, you may want to check the HealthPlugin, that abstracts both Google's and Apple's health and fitness kits.