Lifetime - Reuse & Monitor Applications

Users that are allowed the "Reuse & Monitor Applications" permission through Lifetime aren't allowed to list applications within Service Studio, they can just list eSpaces by clicking "Open from Environment...". 

Is this intended behavior? From my point of view, they should be able to view the list of applications, their icons, and have the ability to search them. This seems like an incongruent approach.


Márcio Lima


Hi Márcio,

That is the current behaviour. Those users will however be able to see the applications in LifeTime...

Reusing and Monitoring effectively work at the module level, so there's some way it makes sense, but I agree with you, the behaviour seems inconsistent. Maybe you could create an Idea with the behaviour you are expecting?


Thanks Jorge, I'll do it.

Here is the link:

Since you agree, your like will be much welcome. :)

Seems we're not the only ones ;)