Web development. no web application template


I try to learn outsystems and IM trying to do the modeling challenge.

I have chosen for web app and according to the tutorial I have to choose for web application.

But I see only these two choices. Side Menu and Top menu.

I use the latest  version of the IDE. I just downloaded it. 

Hmm… I suspect the tutorial you're following is for P10, and you're using P11.
Maybe there's a tutorial for P11 that you should be following instead.

Maybe this will help:


you are right

I m following this one : https://www.outsystems.com/learn/courses/15/developing-outsystems-web-applications/

and it uses P10. 

Can I download that one or is it easy to adapt things to P11 . 

this one better : https://www.outsystems.com/home/downloadsdetail/110/2122/

If you are having troubles to follow the example, you should try to do a P11 example first. When you understand it, adapt the P10 examples.

Hello, Roelof! Welcome to OutSystems and the OutSystems Community! :) One of the coolest things you can try is launching and running the interactive "5 minute" tutorials. In Service Studio, open the Help menu and select Build a Mobile App in 5 Minutes or Build a Web App in 5 Minutes. You can do this in both OutSystems 10 and 11, but we'd advise you to do it in 11 (it's newer and your account is most probably running it on the server already).

A good place to start is the Getting Started page in the help section. It introduces you to some important OutSystems concepts.

Thanks, I will try to find the web app in 5 minutes,