Integration Studio: decimal(10,3) to text, decimal will be .000000

hi there,

I found a weird case, i have an external table in my sql that one of its column is of type decimal(10,3) and outsystems give it type 'text' in Integration Studio. When i insert using entity action, say the value is 0.90, it will be inserted as 0.000; if the value is 120.99 it will be inserted as 120.00.

If the original type is float and outsystems type is 'text', it is inserted as is..correct, say 0.1234 will be inserted as 0.1234.

Is it the correct behavior? What is the reasoning behind this?

thank you

Hi Box,

Why are you giving a decimal type Text in OutSystems? If you insert "120.99" (Text) into a Decimal field, it's up for grabs what comes out, I'd think.

Hi Hack,

My table's column type is of type decimal(10,3) and when it is gravitated into Integration Studio, the OS automatically give it type 'text' so the column of the entity is of type 'text', and i found this odds when a tester inserted those values.

To work around, then i change manually to decimal.