Do Application Objects count twice? Once on the Producer and once on the Consumer?


Let's say I have a core (producer) application where I defined 10 application objects (entities and server actions).

Let's also say that I have 3 consumer applications that use those 10 application objects from the core, and (for simplicity sake) each of these 3 consumer apps have 0 application objects of their own.

What would my total application object count be (in the eyes of OutSystems)?

The answer is probably either 40 (10 from core + 10/consumer app) or just 10 (10 from core + 0/consumer app), I'm just not sure and I've been getting conflicting information. I was told that re-using application objects results in them not being counted twice, that is likely true for modules within a single application but not sure about about cross-application.

Thank you for letting me know!



Hello DavidA.

Referencing an object, like an entity, does not count as an application object.
So it is counted only once. In your example, only 10 application objects would be counted.

Doesn't matter if the consumers are in the same application or not.



Thank you for clearing this up!