DB | Common Table for Maintaining Customer Information | Add Record Issue


I want to maintain a Separate Table apart the Mobile Application Project to store the Specific Detail of Customer. At each Initial Launch Mobile App will connect too this table & get desired Data based on Customer-ID.

Can anyone  suggest a better approach to do this,

- Should I create a separate module in same mobile app project to keep this DB & Table.

- or Should I create another different Project,

Also any idea to add Record to DB Table via right-click wizard, same as we add to static Entity?


Hi Assif,

This sounds as if you have some data that's maintained elsewhere and which is important for the Mobile App to function. In that case, I'd seperate it into a different App (perhaps a Web App, in case you need maintenance screens), and fetch the data either via referencing the Entity directly, or via a REST service (or Service Action if you're on P11).

Hi Assif,

Answering your second question, that's currently not possible. Your best bet is to bootstrap the data from an Excel file.