So this is my action

I have a button that calls the action, when it reaches the "RunJavaScript" action, it "clicks" this invisible link 

The link has a popup has a destination, I want to select some stuff in it and the press a button that will do something and close the popup, and only then I want the action to reach the "FeedBack3" Action.

Atm it's not even popping it, only if I debug it.



That's a pretty roundabout way of doing that...

If you call the action Popup_Editor_Notify, like this:

and then set the OnNotify property of the Popup_Editor widget, like this

The platform will do that work for you and call the destination action when the popup closes.

Oh, note that you have to pass a value in the Popup_Editor_Notify Argument parameter, or else it won't do anything. But you can pass anything there, even setting it to "Hakuna matata!" works.