How to add an Image to an OnBoarding screen (Mac)?

Hi Community, 

I'm working on a OnBoarding Screen, and would like to add my own image to the screen. 

However, when I go to upload it, it says the image file is not supported. 

I'm uploading .jpg, and just for the heck of it I tried uploading a .png. 

However, it still gave the same message. 

I'm clearing missing something here. Any help would be helpful. 

Below is screenshot of the message that pops up. 

(before uploading)

Hi Ronald,

Might be there is some issues with your image.
Did you converted that image from any other format?

For testing, you can save any image from the images directory and then deploy it again with the different name.
That image should work with your application if everything is correct.

Palak Patel

Hi Ronald,

It seems that your picture has some problems. You should try use other software to save the picture, and then try again. We are aware that the Mac version still has some problems reading some image files. Its on our backlog to fix that soon.