[Facebook Login Plugin] Outsystems 11

Forge Component
Published on 26 Jun (3 weeks ago) by André Gonçalves
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Published on 26 Jun (3 weeks ago) by André Gonçalves


This component don't work on outsystems 11.

Will you do an update soon?

Thank you

Hi Nature,

It might help the developers of the component if you could explain a bit more about the "not working" part. What goes wrong? Are there any errors? Etc.


Yes when I install the app an error occurs.

So I think this is what causes the not working part.

Can you try to install the app in a cloud version 11?

For me I install get an error. The component was installed, but with errors inside of the espaces.

Make the same test in cloud version 10 and work fine.

Thank you


Hello there,

That is because there is an issue with the a structure, which was not being "caught" in P10 but it is being caught in P11.

In order to fix this, open the FacebookLoginPlugin module and change the Name in JSON of the Age_Range.Max attribute to Max. Then publish the module on your environment. Should do the trick.

In the meantime, a new version could come out.



Nature Hair please check the latest version :)

Thanks André :).