Personal environment freezes

I've submitted a support ticket and received this message:

We provide Personal Environment support as time and schedule permit without any response time commitment. We encourage you to go to the OutSystems forums for more immediate development support.

So, also over here ....

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Last Friday, November 2, while publishing an app using Service Studio version 11, my environment freezed. Service Studio didn't respond anymore; killing and restarting the Service Studio Windows process didn't work out.
So I went to  but that wasn't working correctly neither.

I've waited this weekend, retried today, but my environment still isn't available. Starting Service Studio results in a time out. (see attached file).

I guess / hope a restart of my personal environment will be enough, but not sure. And have to wait until OutSystems support will spend any time on it. So hopefully someone over here has some tips and tricks out ?!


Reply OutSystems support: "I've checked the server and I confirm that there was an inconsistency on the underlying host, more specifically on your personal environment applicationpool.
I was able to recover the environment and now the service is operational.