Can I install Service Studio 10 and Service Studio 11 in my computer?

Hi, everyone

I would like to ask can I install Service Studio version 10 and version 11 at the same time in my computer? 

p.s  Installed Service Studio version 11 right now...

Is there any error if I install two different version ?

Since I have two working account (one is Personal and one is Enterprise) , I will use Personal account to do some testing, but I can not open Personal account now since I need to upgrade to Service Studio from version 10 to 11.  It take 3 weeks to upgrade......   So I would like to re-install Service Studio 10 in order to open my Personal account.

So..can I install two version in computer ?


I have been using Outsystems 10 and 11 simultaneously on my machine without any issues. So I think you can too!

Yes you can install different versions of service studio on the same computer.

I have installed 10 and 11 in my machine without any issue. yes you can.


Rajendra Singh

Yes it will be installed on different folder so it's possible