How to get file's binary content form file blob url by client action in mobile app


    I'm not able to fetch binary content of file which is stored on blob i'm having url of that file. 

    I'm having an entity UserFiles i.e. in core module contains filename,type,url,CreatedAt. Now i want to store the files of particular user in local entity of mobile app while synchronization. the local entity has attributes like file name, content ( Binary data), type, url. in order to get binary content i have Created following action GetFileContent

 But this action is returning null binary data. Does any one knows another way do this. It will be great help for me.

Can you check if the directory is created on the device? You might not have any rights?

Or perhaps you are unable to access the given file with your current connection?

Sorry for late reply but the directory is getting created on device.


Hi Kiran,

Can you check whether you are downloading the file and you are trying to retrieve the file content is that both file paths are same.





You are right koushik, While i'm downloading file i give the path of directory and while retrieving file i have added file name to that path.

thank you.