Trying to Wake up personal environment


I've been trying to wake up my personal environment for over 1 hour now.

It keeps saying "Your personal environment is taking longer to provision than expected. We are actively working on the problem and you should be on your way in no time."

What can I do?


Hi João,

The only thing you can do is contact support. Sry about that.



Was your PE already in version 11? Because if it is getting upgraded, it can take hours. Mine was unavailable for 2 days.

The wake up without upgrade is about 1 minute. I just did one and it was normal.

Please contact support. Be aware that because of OutSystems Developer Conference taking place today/tomorrow the support may be short staffed (but again, also the clients will be at the event).

It wasnt in version 11 so it could probably be that.

Anyway after almost 2-3 hours its awake now.

Thanks for you help!