Charts (or Highcharts) - Box Plot

Hi all,

I would like to add a graph in my page ... but I need a Box Plot graph.

Do I need to integrate an external "JS solution" just like HighCharts ?

Can I find some examples that show how to do that ?

Thanks !


I'm experimenting ... in the meanwhile:

- I added the server action "AddJavaScriptTag" and linked the external "HighCharts.JS"

- I added the server action "Javascript" and put my code in it

- I added an expression in my page and added a "DIV" that I need to show the result of my graph

it seems to work ... but I don't like the entire "process".

Is there a "better way" to do that ?

Hi Luca,

Do you search int Forge if you have something that fill your needs? Perhaps you may find something that it's easier to use and easier to maintain!  ;)

Best regards,


Hi Ricardo, I took a look into Forge ... but HighCharts component is "deprecated" (last release was in 2016).

That's the reason why I choose to "integrate" JS version of HighCharts and I was looking for someone is using it in this way with Outsystems.

Right now I'm using it, passing to it a long "Highcharts.setOptions" string that I modify following my needs but I'm looking for other users experiences