Hi All

Please assist. I cannot run the Employee Onboarding as it gives below error in logs but Ihave no clue where to fix this or how even

2018-11-07 20:43:16EmployeeOnboarding
(Employee Onboarding)
'GetCssGlobalContext' Action is incompatible with the 'SilkUIFramework' module definition. Please update it.Global

Hello Henny,

If you updated SilkUI, you need to also update the template you are using (like Lisbon, Dublin, etc), and ater republish your application.


Thanks but I have done that but it still gives the same error. That being said I may be doing it wrong. Is it possible for you to explain how ? Many thanks  


You should update your SilkUI for the most recent version (for your platform version, like 10 or 11), than update the template you are using for the most recent version (same thing), than refresh dependences and republish all modules of your application. 

Everything should be pointing to the same version of SilkUI, including the templates.

If you do this, the error should go alway.