Sending Emails with attachment

Hi guys,

I want my system to 

1. Create a excel sheet 

2. Send this exel sheet as an attachment to a email address. 

At first I created an Email 

with this preparation:

Afterwards I create a button to send the Email. Unfortunaltely neither a Email nor an error message is send...

If I just creating a Excel list for downloading, this works fine.

It would be great to get a hint about whats wrong with my attachment


I've just recreated your scenario and I got the email.

You should check at Service Center, in Monitoring -> Emails if the email is listed there.

Any errors about sending the email will show up there.

If it's not there, it may be something about the logic before sending the email and that way the error should be in the Monitoring -> Errors tab.

Hello BigSlikTobi

Did you check in the Monitoring that the mail was not sent?
You can check them here:

If there is no entry there, did you check the Errors tab to see if there was any error? Because the email will be send in a different session, so no visual aid will exist to alert from an error.



Just another point of view (all before are right).

The button Action can be something like this:

And don't forget to define your attachFile proprieties in the Mime-Type option;


Hi Guys,

thanks for your great help! 

I guess the error is that I didn´t type in any "from" Email

after I did type in a Email - address it works!!! Thanks for your help! 

Suspicioussly in the Errorlog the Emails are shown as "error" first. Than the Email is going to be sent about 10 minutes after creation and the error disapears... Is this normal? The process I am trying to test is not criticall in time, but it is still suspicious from my point of view...


Hi Guys, 

I have another Issue. 

The CSV the system creates shall contain all Barcodes within on table like it is managed for the standard download

The question is: how can I get only those Barcodes into the csv? If I use my structure I produce a csv with all barcodes from several lists...




You should filter your aggregate, and pass the information required to filter the aggregate through an InputParameter in the Email.


Obrigado!!! It´s always the filter...