Hello All,
I have created the DB structure and table have Index on it, by DB Extension I add that Entity to Service Studio, but the Index is not exist. I can't add the index to tables by Service Studio or Integration studio, but I am trying Add Index in Entity that I made by Service Studio is possible, but not for Entity from DB Extension.

Any suggestion for that issue?
Many thank for the help.

Hi Sukardi,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. An Index is something the database uses to optimize querying. Service Studio doesn't need to know about indexes at all (except when creating them), so it doesn't matter that the index doesn't show up there.

Hi Kilian,

That's right, with index can uses to optimize querying.

This talking about DB Extension. When I created Entity from Service Studio, I can define Index, but when Entity from Integration Studio the index is not exist for my table while I was created the Index on my DBMS.

How to add the Index for my Entity that I made from DBMS?


Hi Sukardi,

For native Entities, you define the Index in Service Studio. For imported Entities, they are defined in the external database. In both cases, the database know they exist, and will use them if needed. You do not need to see the indexes of an imported Entity in Service Studio. Service Studio doesn't use them. The index still exists, in the database. You do not need to add it to Service Studio, it is not possible and it is not needed.


Alright, I get it.

Thanks man. :-D

You're welcome :).